Dealing With Race Cancellations

  • 24 Jun, 2021

Tips On Dealing With Race Cancellations

Throughout the pandemic there has been countless race postponements and cancellations. Many of us have entered events but have faced the disappointment of cancellations. But a pandemic isnt’ the only reason we might not be able to make a race.. sometimes we face an injury at the 11th hour, or life simply gets in the way.


Here’s some tips on dealing with race cancellations:


  • It’s ok to be disappointed. You’ve put in countless hours training to peak at a very specific point in time. Appreciate how you feel and take some time to be disappointed. Treat yourself in another way come the weekend of the event, and celebrate the training that you’ve put in. If injured, take some time to reflect on your training and what you could have done differently. Working with a coach, physiotherapist and/or medical team can help with this. Use this time to reflect and rest.


  • Enjoy some easy weeks, as you’ve earned it! You’ve likely reached a peak in your training and your body is ready for an easier week or two! Incorporating these weeks allow for supercompensation from the previous cycle to occur, and thus greater training adaptations to occur in the long run. Training at 100% all the time is a very fast way to burn out. Consider slowly adjust to a new training cycle but drop the volume (e.g. cutting down long runs) until you’re ready to once again build.


  • Appreciate that your training hasn’t gone to waste. Consider this block as km’s/miles in the bank and raising your base fitness to greater level in preparation for your next event. Have gratitude for the effect of training on both your health, and be proud of what your body has achieved so far. You’re now fitter and stronger, both mentally and physically.


  • Readjust your focus and plan for the next event. Will this be in the next 2 weeks, or >2 months? Pick an event that excites you and enjoy the process!